New Message!

Dear Friends,

Throughout my life, I have reached my 63 years old supported by my faith and with a lot of spiritual help. During all these years, on many occasions I saw myself speaking aloud with God, trying to be listened and answered by Him:

What I came to do in this life?

However, I could not understand His answers easily, for it was necessary that I would discover all these learning mysteries during my walk, but especially when I experienced joys, sufferings, besides deep losses that touched my existence. In my personal journey, I remember dear people who are gone, as well as many others who came into my life and that made me suffer, but in this ocean of emotions, suddenly I started to realize the signals that God was sending to me in every moment.

Over the years, I had learned that when I stopped using the reason to try to answer my deeper concerns, and instead of that, I started to use my heart and my soul, all my doubts began to be answered one by one through the signals of the wheel of life. Thus, I found my path and my answers. At that moment of my life, with the support of my spiritual friends, I started to write novels, poems, and messages that were transmitted to me through telepathy, psychography, and clairvoyance.

In my long life story, I went through many difficult moments, but mainly when I had some serious health problems, even being disenchanted by the doctors. But since it was not my death hour yet, I am nowhere because of my deep faith in God and life. This faith that never lacked to me was that gave me the strength to continue in several moments of anguish, suffering, sadness, and solitude. I don’t have a fear of death, because I know that it was only a great trip to another dimension, besides that, I also know that I will only go to my trip to another world when my journey time in this life ends. However, this moment only God knows when it will be.

Today, after so many difficulties, when I look back in my life I see that my faith was not shaken, and in fact, it ended up moving mountains within me. So now, I realized that I came to my moment of serving and donating all the love and learning that I have obtained in my life, with the help of my spiritual brothers. Each one has his own story. Each one has his own duty and learning. For me, I will be happy if I could reach the hearts of all those who have accompanied me, being part of my life or through my books.

Now, I wish a great reading for all, always remembering that each story is unique and that the essence of the universe is love and faith. That God blesses all and my children for all that they did and still do with love to materialize all my dreams in this life.

Davi and Rosana, continue my legacy with love when I am beyond this world...

Thanks a lot.

A warm hug,

Valeria Lopes