When Nothing Matters

At the end of the nineteenth century, before slavery was outlawed in Imperial Brazil, the beautiful 20-year-old Lucya lived with her wealthy family on a coffee plantation in the countryside of São Paulo city. But, despite the apparent tranquility, life was about to turn very bleak for the well-off family and their slaves.

The Curse of the Werck Family

Vol II: Eternal Souls

France, 1539: Life moves fast in flamboyant Paris, after the mysterious and tragic death of the Wercks’ ancestors. The Werck's curse is renewed with the birth of the twins Bárbara and Leonardo—souls reborn in this life united by a great love...


The Curse of the Werck Family

Vol I: The Battle between Love and Hate

In France 1510, we are at the time of the Inquisition–a period when many atrocities were committed in the name of God. The tragedy took place in a small village in the south of reign...

My Books!

Dear Friends,

Be welcome to my new website!!!

I am glad for being returning to my career as a writer in a new publishing house, the PiuBook (www.piubook.com). Few years after the release of my first novel, I had a severe disease, when I was between life and death. Despite all, as that moment was not my death' hour, I passed through many challenges during many years, to handle all difficulties derived from the surgery that I have made to control my brain aneurysm. However, after all, I am back to my books and euphoric for being alive, close to my dear children.

Now, with the help of my spiritual friend Andorra and my daughter Rosana Lopes, I am launching my novels, which have been thoroughly reviewed, in English. I am in clouds because I could never imagine that I will have the opportunity to take my books to other cultures and countries.

For this happy moment of my life, I would like to thank all my doctors, on earth and in the spiritual world. And I also need to be grateful to my friends on both sides of the life, and to my readers, and mainly to my children, that always supported and inspired me to achieve this great victory in my journey in this life.

A warm hug,
Valeria Lopes

Gypsy Love

Dream or Reality?

How far would you go to search for your dreams?
Do you believe in the unbelievable?

​In the second half of the XVII century, in Spain...

Seven Waves

How well do we really know ourselves?
How often do we act without ulterior motives?
How lavishly have we fooled ourselves by our apologies?
How do we blame others and God for our unhappiness?​