Gypsy Love

Dream or Reality?

How far would you go to search for your dreams?
Do you believe in the unbelievable?

​In the second half of the XVII century, in Spain...

The Curse of the Werck Family

Vol I: The Battle between Love and Hate

In France 1510, we are at the time of the Inquisition–a period when many atrocities were committed in the name of God. The tragedy took place in a small village in the south of reign...

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The Curse of the Werck Family

Vol II: Eternal Souls

France, 1539: Life moves fast in flamboyant Paris, after the mysterious and tragic death of the Wercks’ ancestors. The Werck's curse is renewed with the birth of the twins Bárbara and Leonardo—souls reborn in this life united by a great love...

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